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An automobile is not just a mean of transportation but also a constant source of expense. Depreciation, taxes, fuel costs, service are a financial pain for every car owner. But what if you could...
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Control your car rental with a convenient mobile app. Spin App offers complete control of all rental parameters.
Your earnings
Spin pays full rental costs in 7-10 days.
Our fee is 10% and is paid by the renter.
You set the price for your car yourself, while we help you to make an attractive listing. You control all the rent parameters in the application.
Principles of Spin
Protection against accidents
Spin allows only cars with full insurance to be listed. Other expenses caused by renters are compensated with our assistance.
Car under control
Set rental parameters that are suitable for you — minimal rent period, maximum mileage, terms of refuelling, car washing, etc.
Main principle
Spin —
it's free!
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Your car is safe
We screen all the users before letting them rent your car
We are always there for you
Your personal community manager is always in contact to solve any problems or provide support
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